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A little about me . . . and a lot about everything else.

This is a place for me to share stories, ideas, questions and experiments dealing with a wide variety of subjects; some technical, and others less so.

For a short version of my journey thus far, check out my LinkedIn bio below.

A much more detailed, disjointed, and potentially interesting version can be had by clicking ‘About Me’ above.

I am many things to many people

Agile Coach,Experimenter,Learner,Gamer,Pair Partner,Mob Participant,Questioner,Code Viking,TDDer,Mentor,Student Modern Agile

I welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions. Like myself, this will evolve and grow over time.

Should you need me, I am usually a click away:

twitter @ericheikkila email linkedin ericheikkila Modern Agile on Slack Erenon#1834